25 June 2017


On Thursday 25th May the Sombornes Preschool was visited by Heather Pearce and her fantastic creatures from Zoolab. We were taken on a forest adventure linked in to our topic of the term where we encountered a giant snail, tarantula, snake, millipede and more!

The children were mesmerised by the engaging talk from Heather, and were very brave in holding or touching the animals. Those not feeling quite so intrepid could just give each creature a friendly wave. Even our preschool manager Becky Hunt managed to hold a snake. 

Children got to go on an action-packed rainforest adventure through the rainforest layers, meeting various animals – from stepping over snails on the forest floor, to watching dancing stick insects in the under storey, to seeing how snakes climb and how tarantulas jump out of burrows.  It's all part of a story-telling approach that makes the rainforest real and helps children to see how it affects us all.


The children listened to Heather's story so intently

A giant milipede

The tarantua! Not to be held as the fur can make you itchy


Our manager Becky being very brave

Trying to move like a snake not using arms and legs

Dancing stick insects and tortoise (not a turtle!)


The Sombornes preschool was so thrilled to have the Zoolab come and show us their animals, we hope to have them return again next year!