Welcome to The Sombornes Preschool!

Welcome to The Sombornes Preschool, in the heart of the Test Valley serving Kings Somborne, Little Somborne, Up Somborne and the surrounding area.  We are an independent, OFSTED registered preschool offering education through play in a friendly, informal setting, for children aged 2 to school age. We also have strong connections with our local primary school to provide a good transition for children entering Year R.

We have developed a 5 year plan to secure the future on the preschool. You can find a copy of it here.

Easter seems a while ago now, and we are well into the Summer term. We would like to welcome Ethan and Evie who have just joined us, and also welcome Kelly to the staff team. Our students are doing really well and will both continue with us until the end of May.
Parents Open Afternoon -13 March 2018
We will be holding an open afternoon on Friday 23rd March, which is an opportunity for you to come and speak to your child’s keyperson and look at their Learning Journals. This is a chance for you to share information with us, and help us plan some next steps for your child.
We are Hiring! -28 February 2018
An opportunity has arisen to join the village Preschool team. We are looking for someone who has the energy, drive and experience to take on the challenge of helping to run a small village hall based preschool in a semi rural area. The Preschool Assistant will have the responsibility of delivering high quality education and care for children aged 2-4 years in a safe and nurturing environment.
We hope you all had a lovely half-term break. We would like to welcome Toby, who has recently joined us. Our students have fitted into the team really well, and will be with us until Easter – Megan on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and Sophie on Thursdays and Fridays.