The Sombornes Preschool is run by a voluntary committee of parents and carers.  The Committee is responsible for supporting and engaging staff, fundraising and organising social events.  It is not responsible for day-to-day operations: that responsibility lies with the staff.  The Committee meets half-termly.  The way we run ourselves as a committee is governed by our Constitution, which is available in the pre-school setting.

Committee members:

  • Joan Wolfe (Chair) - looking for a new Chair
  • Robyn Killick (Treasurer)
  • Charlotte Harris (Secretary)


Our Annual General Meeting is held in the Spring term. This is when the committee for the following year is elected.  Parents/ carers will be informed in good time so they are able to attend. Good communication between the Committee and staff is crucial to the smooth running of Preschool and so at least one member of staff attends each Committee meeting. You can see copies of our minutes and accounts at the setting. 


Expanding the committee

We are always looking to recruit parents/carers for our Committee. If you are interested in learning new skills, meeting new people, sharing your skills, time and ideas with others, then we would love to hear from you.

Research shows clear benefits for children when parents become actively involved in their child’s learning and development from an early age. Parental involvement has been recognised by the Government as being key to a child’s successful development too. Volunteering for our parent-run committee offers an ideal opportunity for you to become more actively and practically involved in this aspect of your child’s life. It will also make a real difference to how the Preschool is managed. A lot of the work we do is fun – building new partnerships with other parents and professionals, coming up with new fundraising ideas, getting exciting plans off the ground but there are some regular jobs too. Thankfully the main roles of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary are filled, but we need more hands on deck for fundraising and supporting the team.

If you are interested, please use the contact us form on the website.