Newsletter - 2nd Half Spring Term

23 February 2017

Dear Parents,


Our topic for the next few weeks will be 'Space', and we will be incorporating this into all areas of learning, with lots of art and craft and role-play activities.


It is great that the children are confident enough to bring in items from home to share with everyone at 'show and tell' time, and it has proved very popular! We have decided to develop this activity further and make it more educational by combining show and tell with a 'sound of the week', which will be displayed in the entrance hall as you come in. To start things off, our first 'sound of the week' will be 'S', which also links with our theme of 'space'. If your child would like to take part, please encourage them to find something they can show us that starts with the 's' sound – your help with this will be much appreciated!


Last week's weather was very wet, but we do still try to get the children outside, even if only for a short time, for some fresh air. Please can we ask that your child has a labelled coat with a hood at pre-school, and that they have some spare items of clothing in their bags in case they get wet – thank you!


We will continue to visit the school library on Wednesday mornings, and after half-term we will start our sessions in the reception classroom on alternate Wednesdays. This will really benefit those who will be starting school in September, introducing them to the teacher and getting them used to their surroundings.


Another new activity for after half-term will be the 'pre-school library'. Each child will be provided with a labelled book bag, and given the opportunity to borrow one book at a time to take home and share with you. This will give them the chance to independently choose something new to read, and give them access to a wide range of books.


Just a quick reminder that in line with other settings, we are a 'nut-free' pre-school, as the risk of a child having an allergic reaction can be so serious. Can you please make sure that your child's lunchbox does not contain cereal bars containing nuts, peanut butter or most chocolate spreads (please check the ingredients label on chocolate spread jars, as they often contain hazelnuts even if it is not made obvious). Also, we always cut grapes in half when serving them at snack time to reduce risk of choking. Could we please ask that if you are providing grapes in packed lunches that they are in halves too? If it is possible to provide any other fruit pre-cut this would really help lunchtimes to run smoothly – thank you for your assistance with this.


Best Wishes,


Becky, Katie, Diane and Siobhan.



Dates for your diary:

Half-term: Monday 20th - Friday 24th February

Easter break: Monday 10th April – Friday 21st April