Newsletter - 1st half Autumn Term 2015

20 April 2016

Dear Parents,


Welcome back for the start of a new Autumn term at The Sombornes Pre-School - we hope you had a lovely summer break! We would like to offer a warm welcome to our new starters: Owen, Elijah and Megan. We have altered our room layout slightly, and also added some new resources, so we hope the children all enjoy coming back and exploring what's new!


Sadly, we will be saying goodbye to Kim at the end of September. She will be greatly missed, and we would like to thank her for all her hard work during her time with us. We would like to wish her all the best for the future, and hope she enjoys her travels! As a result, Diane will be increasing her hours and will be working with us full-time, and we will be looking for a part-time replacement to start after half-term. If Kim has been your child's key person, Becky will be speaking to you shortly about who will be taking over in this role.


Becky will be away for 2 weeks in November, so if you would like to volunteer to help out at any sessions it would be greatly appreciated, and will also give you a chance to be involved with the pre-school and see what goes on! If you are interested in helping, please speak to Becky to arrange dates and times.


As we head into Autumn, please could you provide wellie boots for your children and place them in the box provided when you arrive at pre-school. It would also be greatly appreciated if you could label the inside of the boots with name or initials to help us identify whose are whose! Thank you. We will be helping the children to decorate a named drawstring bag to use for pre-school, which can be left on the pegs in the entrance hall containing spare clothes etc.


We have always been a 'nut-free' pre-school, but we need to be extra vigilant as we have children with allergies attending at the moment. Can we please request that no food containing nuts is brought in lunchboxes – this includes peanut butter, cereal bars or biscuits with nuts, and also most chocolate spreads. Please check the labels if unsure – thank you. We encourage healthy eating, so as a guideline, lunchboxes should contain sandwiches, crackers, pasta, fruit, vegetables, cheese, yoghurts etc. We are happy for the children to have crisps, chocolate biscuits or cakes, but we will always encourage the children to eat their healthier items first! We are also happy for you to provide a drink, but we will provide water if necessary. The only items we would ask you not to put into lunchboxes are sweets or fizzy drinks.


Snack time – please could you provide a fruit (fresh or dried), or vegetable snack for each morning session that your child attends, and place in the bowl provided when you sign-in. All items will be prepared and shared amongst all the children, so that they get a chance to select different options for themselves. We will continue to provide biscuits, crackers etc for children attending afternoon sessions, and the children will be offered milk or water to drink with every snack. If you have any specific dietary requirements, please speak to us about what you require.


Thanks for your continuing support,


Becky, Katie, Kim and Diane.



Term Dates:

Half-term: Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October