Newsletter - 1st Half Autumn Term 2016

13 September 2016


Dear Parents,


Welcome back to a new term at The Sombornes Pre-School – we hope you all had a lovely summer break! We would like to offer a very warm welcome to Amelia Bent, Isla and Emily who have just joined us. We are also pleased to let you know that we have a new volunteer on the team, Alice, who will be with us every Tuesday  morning, starting this week.


Some new term reminders:


We have a new registration board which you will see in the entrance hall by the signing in book – please encourage your child to register themselves by finding their picture and placing it on the board when they arrive.


Snack time – please bring a portion of fruit or vegetable snack and place it in the bowl provided by the signing in book for every morning session your child attends. We will prepare everything provided, and it is then shared between all the children, giving them a choice of food and a chance to try new things. They will also be offered a choice of milk or water to drink with their snack. We sometimes supply breadsticks or crackers to eat alongside the fruit. If your child attends afternoon sessions, we will provide a drink and biscuit or cracker during the afternoon. If you have any queries or special dietary requirements, please speak to a member of staff.


Lunchboxes – if your child is staying for lunch, please provide a healthy packed lunch. This can include sandwiches, crackers, pasta etc., plus items such as fruit, vegetables or yoghurt. We are happy for lunchboxes to contain items such as crisps, cakes and chocolate biscuits, but will always encourage the children to eat their healthier options first! If you are supplying grapes in lunchboxes, please could we request that they are cut in half to reduce the risk of choking – thank you. We are also happy for you to supply a drink such as squash, juice or smoothies if you wish. If no drink is supplied, we will always make sure that your child is given water to drink with their lunch. The only items we would ask you not to include in lunchboxes are sweets or fizzy drinks. Also, in line with other pre-schools and schools, we are a nut-free pre-school, as an allergic reaction can be so serious. Please do not supply nuts or any products containing nuts (e.g peanut butter, some chocolate spreads, nutty cereal bars etc), as we will be unable to allow your child to eat these during lunchtime and will return them home. Again, if you have any special requirements please do let us know.


Uniform – our uniform is optional, but we feel it promotes a feeling of belonging and prepares the children for wearing school uniform when they move on to big school! If you require uniform, we usually have t-shirts (£6) and sweatshirts (£11), in stock. We are happy for you to look at/try on the items first, and then if you could put any uniform money in an envelope marked with your child's name and the amount before handing it to a member of staff, that would be very helpful – thank you.


For general information, including newsletters, photos etc., please see our new website:, or contact us by e-mail:


We will be holding our parent/key person meetings this week and next week, so if you haven't booked an appointment yet, please choose a slot from the schedule by the signing in book, or speak to Becky if you have any queries. This is a great opportunity for you to take a look at your child's Learning Journal, discuss progress and work together to set some new development targets for the coming term. If you are struggling to find a convenient time to come in, please speak to us and we will try our best to accommodate you.


Our Wednesday morning sessions will continue to be centred around a trip to school, where we can visit our own patch in the eco-garden and read stories in the library. Starting next week, our new topic will be pirates, which will include role-play, dressing-up and art and craft activities.


Best Wishes,


Becky, Katie, Diane and Ali.



Dates for your diary:

Half-term break: Saturday 22nd October – Sunday 30th October 2016